VARDEC Partners

VARDEC Partners



The Boeing Company (Chicago, Illinois, USA)  

The Boeing Company is the largest OEM of commercial, military aircraft and spacecraft in the world. The company has outstanding Industrial Regional Benefits obligations to Canada of over $3.5 billion dollars. Boeing is looking for partnerships and technology / manufacturing solutions in Canada. Boeing is committed to support technical visual analytics through VARDEC.



NGRAIN (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

NGRAIN technology makes it easy for decision-makers to see, understand and interact with their data in 3D and augmented reality, when and where they needed it. NGRAIN provides maximum value in applications where abstract enterprise data is combined with 3D geometric or geo-located information in interactive 3D applications.




Convergent Manufacturing Technologies (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  

Convergent Manufacturing Technologies Inc. is a world-leading provider of composite process modeling software and services.


NorStar Space Data Inc. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)  

NorStar Space Data, Inc., is an emerging data-driven enterprise supplying unique and comprehensive information products about the entire Earth and the near-Earth space environment to serve multiple markets.  NSDI is developing its own large scale Low Earth Orbit satellite constellation hosting a variety of sensor packages to provide the primary data resource, augmented by additional terrestrial sources.